Vulnerability is…

Not about weakness or frailty, and it means different things to different people. 

A common thread of vulnerability is – transition. 

Children are vulnerable because they are growing up and don’t know how the world works.

Patients are vulnerable while they are convalescing and not at full strength in mind and body.

Adults are vulnerable when they return to learning as they are questioning what they perceive to be true to them and it’s a challenge to find the time and prioritise.

It’s because the reality or existence we’ve come to know and understand is in a state of flux. 

Transitioning into a new state, of greater understanding and knowledge.

And to get there, you need to question, be curious and see failures as gifts.

And sometimes, move away from a strongly held belief, and towards an uncharted future. 

Children have parents. 

Patients have nurses. 

Learners have tutors. 

Service Leavers… have Veterans. 

Look after each other.

Because we’ve all been vulnerable at one time or another. And there’s safety in numbers. 

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