Noticing your everyday leadership moments

I love this video from Drew Dudley

And it resonates with me because I also thought that leadership needs to be this big culture-shifting and epically profound impact on a person or group.

I would shy away from doing things and helping others because, well, who am I to do that? What difference can little old me make?

And in a way, I was scared… in case it actually did! Because then I was on the hook with the responsibility to do the next thing right.

And that’s nuts!

Because it’s the small moments that can often have the biggest impact.

Consider when something really grinds your gears. An unnecessary payment from your bank account, that can be easily rectified. An item you had on order is now out-of-stock, but will be soon. The endless hoops to validate your NCD on your insurance, that prove you are telling the truth.

Then we immediately clear the schedule and begin typing furiously at the keys to make our dissatisfaction known to some poor message-bearer. Then we can perfectly articulate in microscopic detail every failing and misstep that lead to our utter fury for having our day disrupted.

When really, on some level, we’re disrupting our own day, by depleting our energy and emotion on things that may not matter in a day or two.

But what about the impromptu text from a friend or colleague asking how things are?

The boss who lets you run with an idea and all the creativity?

The collaborator that trusts your judgement to invite the awesome people to speak at an event?

None of these moments have an earth-shattering or life-changing effect. Not at first anyway, nor in isolation.

They merely give you the assurance that someone has your back and cares about you. They are not setting you up to fail – far from it. And over time, as the “lollipop moments” begin to compound – then the true effect can be seen and felt.

So often, we don’t notice the impact we are having on others.

And rarely do we reach out and let people know the impact they had on us.

Maybe give it a try, and see what happens…

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