Finding a theme for 2022

Last year my theme was “Connect & Create“. And I believe I achieved this in spades because I found the courage to create new relationships, beta tested a workshop, did speaking gigs, started a new job, quit the aforementioned new job and discovered networking for knowledge.

Often when we think about networking it conjures images of sharp suits, business cards being dished out at a rate of knots and sleazy sales tactics. Of course, in some circles, this is the case and must work on some level – or why would people bother?

But for me, this wasn’t my scene and it didn’t feel generous enough. With my themes at hand, I was able to find other ways to network, find other’s like me, find even more folks that are nothing like me and be open to the possibilities.

Having themes made decision-making much more effective and I found true intention and purpose behind the tasks and activities I needed to complete and endeavours I wanted to be a part of.

When faced with a choice about an activity, zoom call or course – I would ask myself, “How might this mean I am connecting and creating?” And if I could provide a satisfactory answer – it meant it had the potential to be worthwhile.

The second part of that plan involved getting past the first step. Often I would avoid starting or testing an assertion because I feared judgement and failure – I have blogged about these tendencies previously and whilst I try every day to challenge my thinking, it’s an infinite game that requires continual adjustment and persistence. I learned that to improve – anything – your first have to begin to create, and perfection is the kryptonite to creativity.

Towards the end of last year, I discussed my transition from Royal Navy Medic to Royal Navy Veteran in a podcast interview with the NAAFI Break.

You can listen to the full interview here >>>

Click the pic to listen

And after this very open and honest interview reflecting on my time since leaving, and with the dawning of a new year, it was time to choose a theme for 2022…

“Knowledge by Experience” – seems to be a fitting follow on.

After spending much of the past 18 months not doing things, it’s time to start doing things. And not just more things or more of the same. No, this is about NEW experiences and knowledge. Putting into practice and stress testing my skills, values and capabilities.

I hide and shield no more. Welcome to the Discomfort Zone!!!!

By finding a theme, it gives a compass for all activities. When you are making a yes / no decision, you can test it against your theme to help you decide.

What might your theme for 2022 become?

And let’s see where it leads and what it creates…

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