There’s a saying in the Royal Navy…

“It’s not the run ashore, it’s the runners”

This means it’s not the place or the environment that’s important.

It’s the people you are with and the purpose for you being there.

And does your group / team / tribe / circle / bubble, have enough diversity of thought?

Because when we get together, we can’t help but start to assimilate each other, be drawn to similar ideas, values and beliefs.

We become part of a collective – in thinking and doing.

The danger is, when this evolution occurs, we might lose the very thing that brought us together in the first place…

Differences. And curiosity for wanting to learn more about those differences.

It’s exciting to find new people.

It’s comforting when we cultivate common ground.

It’s easier when we begin to work together in unison and unconsciously.

And, it’s vital to keep working at being different, questioning and staying curious about new things.

Harder. Uncomfortable. Nerve-racking.

Yes to all the above.

Worth it? Absolutely.

Especially for Service Leavers and Veterans who are making the transition into life after the military.

Does your network have enough range and variety?

And will is guard against risk, disruption and uncertainty?

And what differences do you bring to this new environment?

What might people learn from you? Because often, fear comes from misunderstanding.

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