Eyes right. Eyes left. Eyes …local ???

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In our current culture and obsession with social media and reaching people in the furthest corners of the globe, we overlook our local community. 

I’d reached out to the village magazine for another matter and the editor spied that I’d written a book. She was only too willing to include me in the Community News section. 

These folks spend time looking for interesting articles to fill their pages and delight their readership. 

What if you went to them first? 

And what if a solution to your obstacle was sitting right under your nose? 

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  1. Gail Boenning

    Great point Abbie! I recently had a conversation with a community builder who suggested I reach out to offer a talk or program with the library in my hometown regarding my recently published books. I think there is really great potential there! Especially because it’s where I got my start… reading Stone Soup out loud to a group of other kids when I was around age 10-11. 😂

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