Pygmy Goats, Mermaid Princesses and other grand career ideas. 

Navigating change is not impossible in isolation, but it is super tough. 

By teaming up as co-conspirators and collaborators you broaden your capabilities and your knowledge base. 

And Knowledge is everything. Because we don’t know what we don’t know.

Others will, and by finding those people it opens up the possibilities. 

I started out owning my own coaching business, through networking to promote that business I was then offered other freelance gigs in comms and marketing. And I discovered I enjoyed this much more and my coaching skills were incredibly valuable and transferable. 

Now, I’ve just taken a new contract with a PR consultancy firm for businesses that want to secure contracts with the Ministry of Defence. 

Networking got me in the room with the awesome people that appreciate my skills. 

My knowledge got me the gig. 

And this is your greatest asset too. 

Think of networking as “knowledge by experience”, and when you’re dithering about whether to sign up for events or send a reach out to someone…

Ask yourself, how might this experience add value to my knowledge capital? 

And furthermore, how might it grow in value and be transferred to someone else in the future? 

Because we all deserve to live our best life, to wake up each day, jump out of bed and get to work on passion projects. 

Even if it’s running a rescue centre for pygmy goats or becoming a Mermaid Princess. 

Do not what you think you should do. 

Do what you want to do. And you will be able to tackle the obstacles when they present themselves. 

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