Courage and Bravery Off the Battlefield

Courage and bravery can appear in many forms and situations, and when looking at the military, it’s easy to assume this is mainly on the battlefield.

However, often the modest corners of our community harbour the strongest individuals.

People willing to stick their heads above the parapet and say – “This must change.  And here’s how we’re going to do it.”

The vital key to change is – HERE IS HOW WE ARE GOING TO DO IT.

That makes all the difference. 

Because all too often the discussion becomes the stumbling block.  It is essential at the start to establish the context and create energy and enthusiasm.  But before long, we run out of steam before we actually get around to implementing our ideas.

And problematic when we get stuck in that discussion loop and don’t break away to act – especially when it might not work.

And then someone comes along, and they break through and get stuff done. 

Showing the courage and bravery to embrace their ignorance and give an idea a try.  To find the bugs and apply the fixes.

No matter how modest they are, are we celebrating them enough?

And following their lead?  

Fear might hold us back and we all do it. So it might be good to just notice how and when it shows up.  And let’s not allow it to impede our progress entirely.

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