The Obstacles we put in the way of our Progress

Military folks have lots of decisions to make.

When we decide to leave, or someone else makes that decision for us, this starts a cascade of options and possibilities.

This in itself can be overwhelming.

Alternatively, this may also create excitement and motivation.

One big question is… where shall I live?

To relocate or not to relocate?

Especially for that dream job!

In this haze of overwhelm, one might begin to unconsciously put obstacles in the way.

All the packing, travelling, meeting new people, job hunting, new gym, new plumber, new hairdresser…

All very valid ponderings and great ways to make the decision to stay put much easier.

An even better one is to ask the audience… because they are always right!

That will give you a hundred other reasons to mull over. And maybe, even out of a hundred people, 99 say go for it and one says, “Oooh, big mistake. I did it and it all went Pete Tong”.

Guaranteed, most of the time people zero in on that one bad experience.

And there will be a hundred other reasons why it didn’t work out for that particular person at that particular time.

You are not them and they are not you.

So, what’s your obstacle?

What else?

Because, what if… it can work out, you know how to navigate the change because you have done it throughout your career, and you can do it?

Then, what’s really your obstacle?

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