I want you around, just not ALL the time.

You have just spent a number of years doing the weekly Whacky Races.

Flitting between home and work and making sacrifices for Queen and Country in your military career. Missing birthdays, first steps and Nativity plays.

Then, you leave and all that conflict disappears…

Or does it?

Now you are home 24/7 and screwing with the routine.

Sure, it was fine for a few weeks while you were home on leave and weekends.

But now it’s permanent.

And there is a difference. Whilst our loved ones are glad we are not deployed for months on end, on the front line, running around with a rifle putting ourselves in harm’s way – a job away in the week might be a mutually agreeable alternative.

And to get there, that requires a very open and honest conversation, where everyone is free to air their desires and concerns. The Serving Person is not the only one leaving the Service.

Assuming other people’s wants rarely ends well.

Might the better approach be to find out for sure?

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