Autonomy from the Establishment 

Thanks to tech and platforms, the gatekeepers and curators are fast becoming a thing of the past. 

If you want to express your voice, publish a book, write a blog or host a podcast – go head! 

E-commerce – you have access to the tools. 

Build a community and cross-pollinate the networks – Find individuals that feel isolated and gather them. 

The gravest mistake people make is then moderating that community. It appears to be a sensible approach at first. It is after all for safety and fairness. 

That is until people begin to feel filtered and censored.

Sure, you need to educate the members on the conduct expected and re-educate when poor behaviour begins to creep in. 

But moderating everyone rarely cultivates the organic free-thinking supportive community you set out to achieve. 

Our modern culture teaches us that moderators and curators are there to create barriers. 

It also teaches that barriers are made to be broken. 

And if those barriers are too deeply established, we are free to go and find something else. 

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