Nostalgia Wednesday

There is a phrase doing the rounds.

“The Great Resignation” – the pandemic has prompted people to re-evaluate their careers and values and how they want to live their lives.

And it got me thinking because I had used this phrase in my early blogging days when I was leaving the Royal Navy.

And I was glad to look back on this blog and discover its relevance endures.

The Great Resignation – 19th Aug 2019

It had been a 14-year military career in the making that led to two major setbacks occurring in quick succession and still, I was ready to carry on regardless and not let it get me down.

But that just didn’t feel right this time.

It seemed like there was an opportunity presenting itself and I would be daft to keep persisting. The time was right and I had to make the decision, to hand in my notice and terminate my employment with the military.

And all because someone said, “No, I’m afraid you can’t have your feedback”

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