You think that’s bad…

Heard a story recently…

A military person, interviewing an actor who was saying how awful it is for them being away from home while filming…

This did not sit well. And I can see how.

But, actors are actors. They are part of a system that puts them in fancy hotels, with runners to get them coffee and agents to do all their planning.

For them, it might not compensate for the long hours, repetitive takes, strain on the impostor syndrome and ability to deliver when being directed by another who has a vision for their project – who is also dealing with their own flavour of impostor syndrome, under the strain of repetitive tasks and fatigue from long hours.

We have this thing in the military called Black Cat. Whereby you one-up the person telling you a story with a more successful (or tragic) story of your own.

And it always used to really grind my gears.

It’s fine when everyone is in on the joke. More of a “This one time at band camp…” type dit.

But often, the situations where the Black Cat was deployed – it was demoralising.

No one should feel they have the position to judge and devalue another’s lived experience, particularly when comparing it through their own life lens. 

A little empathy and time for understanding go a long way.

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