The Great Resignation – Revisited… again!

A few weeks back I mentioned this term in a blog and referred back to it in one of my early postings when I got into writing in 2019. And more recently, there was a great thread on LinkedIn about the “mass exodus” from Uniformed Services.

And now it’s got me thinking… Is it, really? A mass exodus?

Or is it like when you get a new car? And suddenly all you see are cars like that everywhere.

And being more mindful of the algorithm on social media sites and its ability to steer posts of this nature in your direction. If you’re looking you’ll notice 👀, and do what they want you to do – hit the “like” button, gaining more data about your interests, so that they can send more things like that into your newsfeed. And so on…

Obvs I can only offer my POV and reasons for making those 7 clicks.
After serving 15 years in the RN, single, no kids, no cats, I left because I was bored.
After a couple of ships, a couple of Med centres and a couple of MDHUs, the work just wasn’t stretching me enough.
Sure it’s challenging, but for all the wrong reasons.

And I have had the odd wobble since 2019 – questioning whether I made the right decision. But given the global crisis we have all been through, that’s understandable. 99% of the time, I have not regretted leaving. Moreover, I have evolved and grown in my behaviours, skills, confidence and mindset – intrinsic benefits that naturally come with adapting to change.

Are the military leaver stats showing an upward trend post-covid?
And, if they are, is this a spike because people held off because of the pandemic?

Only time will tell us.

The 14-15k leaving annually has been a stat kicking around for some time in the UK. And looking over a longer period of time, might this be another peak, or trough, that naturally emerges through the decades?

Plus, it appears CTP are putting more emphasis (finally 🤦🏼‍♀️) on utilising LinkedIn for job hunting and personal brand.
Then the likes of: FTG, JobOppo, FDM and Barclays recruitment etc who are highly active on LinkedIn and have been talking and posting more about transition success stories.

Algorithm aside, this could offer the appearance that more people are leaving.

More likely in my opinion, instead of skulking in the shadows fearing judgment, SLs are more out and proud and posting it.

And it’s working! Let’s keep up the good work and encourage everyone leaving the Services to post about it and ask for help, advice, contacts and connections.

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