The Next Renaissance

Once upon a time…

Each village had the butcher, the baker and a candlestick maker. 

Then supermarkets put everything under one roof to serve a collection of villages, larger towns and cities.

This led the way for retail parks where you can eat, watch a movie, try on a frock and pick up a pint of milk. 

Then #Amazon digitised everything from A to Z. 

And now there’s a shift. 

Back to the independent. The local. The SME. The nimble.

Not only in retail, but for people and network organisations too. Commercial and non-profit.

However, progress will be slow or stop altogether if we revert back to the early days and operate in stove pipes. The risk of a revival of dangerous thinking is high. Causing us to focus on scarcity and protecting “the precious“.

Unless the advantages of a digital network to connect the individual or organisation are embraced.

And we can still operate with our own set of values and aims. 

Now with consortiums working in and amongst a sharing economy.

Networks leveraging their strengths into a force multiplier.

There was always someone better than you at bulling shoes. And you could iron a razor-sharp crease better than the next person. Together, the work gets done.

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