Resettlement Reflections: A Veterans Perspective

When I was on the resettlement train, it was a rather foggy time and even foggier now looking back. 

Now, I realise it was because I didn’t understand or know the questions to ask. And because I wanted to be self-employed I was not really given much support beyond the workshop. 

As though I were overlooked because I didn’t fit a model they knew well. 

Equally, I didn’t accept much employment support because I was so determined to go freelance. 

When really, having that support to understand my worth and skills might have put me on a better footing for self-employment. And also, I might have given employment more of a chance.

Particularly to use it as a way of supporting my self-employment while I got started.

But I was so disillusioned with CVs, avoided LinkedIn and didn’t have a grip on networking.

I couldn’t face going through the endless “lather, rinse, repeat” to get a job. 

Then it all fell off a cliff anyway because of Covid. 

I gave my staff better counsel and support with their annual reports compared to what I felt I had received going through such a significant change in my career and life. 

It takes time to re-wire 15 years of Service and it’s really only two years after leaving that I now see the gaps and how I might have been better supported and prepared. 

Also great life lessons for future projects and endeavours.

Greater resilience and leading with curiosity.

Knowledge by experience.

Create and connect.

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