You Have Planned Your Goals, Now What?

You have a bunch of goals and planned out how you might go about achieving them. 

It’s time to give them a quick litmus test to see if they are resilient enough to withstand change and intrinsic enough to keep you passionate about them. 

If you can articulate a strong WHY behind each of your goals you will remain more committed to them because they have a true purpose that aligns with your values and how you want to uphold them. 

“I want to achieve —————, so that —————”. 

To move forward: 

Look for infinity, because that means your goals are renewable and able to evolve with you and you won’t need to keep reinventing the wheel each time a goal review comes around. 

You might need to tweak if a goal becomes obsolete or you might have achieved it – so look to refill the gap.  

5R’s – Regularly Review, Renew, Recycle and Repeat. 

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